Terms and Conditions

 By using our Services, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions below.

1) Registration

1.1 To register and reserve a place at Manor Hill Day Nursery, a non – refundable registration fee of £150.00 is payable for each child registered.

1.2 Each sibling/s of a child registered or attending Manor Hill Day Nursery would receive a reduction of £50.00 on the registration fees.

1.3 Fees are payable from the agreed start date unless four weeks’ notice of cancellation or changes to start date is given in writing.

1.4 The minimum booking required is two half day sessions or one full day session per week.

1.5 Registration fee will not be charged for children using the Free Funded Hours Only.

2) Fees

2.1 All fees are due fully in advance by the 7th of each month.

2.2 Invoices will be emailed to the registered bill payer during the last week of each month. If the bill payer has not received an invoice by the 1 st , it will be the responsibility of the bill payer to inform the nursery.

2.3 Acceptable forms of payment are Direct Debit (GoCardless), BACS, Card Payment at the nursery or over the phone, Tax – Free Childcare scheme and workplace childcare vouchers. All payments must be received by the 7th of each month. Please note all childcare vouchers must be redeemed and paid to the nursery in advance by the 7 st of each month, otherwise they will appear as a deduction from the following months invoice.

2.4 Direct Debit payments will be collected on or around the 1st of each month.

2.5 We accept Debit and Credit Card payments.

2.6 All Extra Sessions, Trips, Extracurricular activities and any other extras must be paid in advance. Payments can be made via Debit /Credit Card over the phone or at the nursery.

2.7 Any cheque payment/s unaccepted or returned by our bank will incur a fee of £25.00.

2.8 On any occasion when we have to write to you regarding outstanding and overdue fees a charge of £25.00 per occasion will be automatically applied to your child’s account.

2.9 Children may be excluded from the nursery if the fees remain outstanding more than 7 days beyond their due date and registration may be terminated. Any outstanding fees during the exclusion period or after termination will still remain payable.

2.10 Manor Hill Day Nursery may forward your details and ‘debt’ to an external debt collecting agency for any fees that remain outstanding for more than 21 days from their due date. This may incur further costs to the bill payer.

2.11 Changes or cancellation of extra session/s cannot be made less than 48 hours before the booked session and will remain payable.

2.12 Regular session/s cannot be swapped for a different session.

2.13 Bank Holidays will be charged for and remain payable as normal session. Fees will not be charged from the 25th of December to the 31st of December. The nursery will be closed during this period.

2.14 Fees will be charged for and remain payable as normal during any absences arising from illness, non – attendance required by a policy of the nursery, occasional days off, holidays or if the nursery closes due to natural causes , infectious diseases, environmental factors (such as snow) beyond our control.

2.15 Due to Ofsted regulations concerning staff to child ratios, manning of rooms and because of the working time restrictions placed on our staff, we will not be able to sign in and /or provide care to your child before the start time of the booked session, and that they are collected on time at the end of the booked session. Parents/guardians collecting children after the session end time from nursery will be subject to a surcharge of £ 15.00 per 15 minutes (or part thereof).

2.16 A minimum of four weeks’ notice , in writing, will be required for withdrawal of the child from the nursery or to reduce the child’s current bookings.

2.17 Any increase of bookings need to be requested in writing and will only be confirmed subject to availability.

2.18 Fees are reviewed annually, and will be increased by a minimum of 5% every January. Parents will be given a minimum of four weeks’ notice of any change in fees.

2.19 There is a 5% discount for sibling/s attending the nursery at the same time. Sibling discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts. The discount is only applicable on regular booking session/s and not on any extra session/s and/or extra/s.

2.20 Discount/s are not applicable on ‘Full Time’ booking or to any child in receipt of 2, 3, and 4 year old nursery educational funding (NEF).

2.21 ‘Full – Time’ fee rate is only applicable on ‘all – year round’ bookings (51 weeks of the year) and is not applicable on term – time booking or to children in receipt of 2, 3, and 4 year old nursery educational funding (NEF).

2.22 For all fee – paying sessions, our prices are inclusive of snacks and meals .

2.23 For all funded sessions, there will be an additional cost each day / session for meals and extra’s. This cost remains payable during bank holidays and absences as mentioned in 2.13 and 2.14

3) Termination

3.1 You may end this agreement at any time by giving us a minimum of four weeks’ notice in writing. Fees will remain payable during notice period.

3.2 We may immediately end this agreement if you fail to pay your fees or if you breach any of your obligations under this agreement and you have not or cannot put right that breach within a reasonable period of time, or if a termination of a place is considered by Manor Hill Day Nursery at its sole discretion to be in the best interests of the nursery and / or the continuing welfare of child or other children at the nursery.

3.3 We may immediately end this agreement if you or other family members behave unacceptably towards any member of staff, or other child or parent/carer of any child, as we will not tolerate any form of abuse, verbal or physical.

4) Employment of Staff

4.1 Employees’ of Manor Hill Day Nursery are prohibited from working for parents during normal working hours i.e. 7.30am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday. Parents are requested not to ask staff to breach their employments contracts. Parents can if they wish to employ the staff privately outside working hours (e.g. for Babysitting, evening or weekends) provided that all such private arrangements are not made or discussed in the nursery. Manor Hill Day Nursery accepts no responsibility for staff during private hiring for care of any children.

4.2 If during this agreement and for a period of six months after the termination of the agreement you employ (directly or indirectly) a member of staff who cared for your child at the nursery you will agree to pay to the nursery a fee equivalent to 10% of that members gross annual salary.

5) General

5.1 Manor Hill Day Nursery may change these Terms and Conditions where such change arises from regulatory issues, changes in legislation affecting Manor Hill Day Nursery, proposed changes in invoicing procedures or in the reasonable opinion of Manor Hill Day Nursery it is in the interests of the nursery and/or children attending the nursery. Manor Hill Day Nursery will give you at least four weeks’ written notice of such changes.

5.2 Manor Hill Day Nursery cannot legally deny access of your child to either parent unless there is an active restraining order on file or specific schedule of court ordered visitation rights or the equivalent under any applicable law. If the situation is unclear, Manor Hill Day Nursery will request that the family resolves their differences and may exclude your child until the position has been clarified by the court or agreed by both parents.

5.3 If your child falls ill during a nursery session, the key person will contact the parent/guardian. If your child is suffering from a contagious illness your child should not be brought to nursery until the illness has passed. Parents/guardians are required to inform the nursery if your child is to be absent due to illness.

5.4 You should be aware that your child may be taken on outings which may be outside the nursery premises. If you do not wish your child to partake in such outings please inform the nursery in writing.

5.5 We have an obligation to report any instances where we consider that a child may have been neglected or abuse d to the relevant authorities with or without informing you.

5.6 If you have any concerns regarding the services we provide then please discuss t his with your child’s key person . If you feel these have not been resolved, please contact the Nursery Manager. Customer satisfaction is paramount and concerns/ complaints will be reported to the Directors.

5.7 We have a wide selection of toys and equipment at nursery, unless we specifically ask, your child should not bring any of their personal toys into nursery. If personal belongings are brought into nursery it is done so at your own risk.

5.8 We may have photographs taken of children that attend nursery; these photographs may be used for promotional purposes, if you do not want your child’s photo to be taken, please inform the nursery in writing.

5.9 If your child remains in the nursery after the specified closing time and Manor Hill Day Nursery has not heard from you, we will first call you and then the authorised contacts. We will stay with your child as long as possible, but if after 30 minutes we have not been able to reach you or a n authorised contact, we will contact the emergency duty team and Ofsted.

5.10 Children will only be released to those who are authorised contacts. Changes MUST be received by the office in writing and with appropriate photo identification.

5.11 Safety representatives have a legal right to information about accidents. Therefore, information will be made available and shared with the appropriate representative.

5.12 Manor Hill Day Nursery will not accept responsibility for any damage and/or loss of any personal belongings brought into the nursery.

5.13 There is a car park available for use at the front of the nursery, users of the car park do so at their own risk, Manor Hill Day Nursery will not accept any responsibility for damage, accident or loss.


Last Updated December 2018.