Settling In


The first weeks when your child is settling in is of crucial importance to their later happiness at nursery,  extra care taken before and during this period will minimize difficulties later on and how easily and happily they will  then mix with the other children and form trusting relationships with their Key Worker and other practitioners.

Your child has formed a strong attachment to you and needs your support and time to form another strong bond with the practitioners at the nursery. The nursery settling in programme is planned to help children feel safe and secure. The settling in programme is designed as a gradual introduction to the nursery surroundings, staff, other children, daily activities and routine.  It is also a gradual withdrawal of your presence, and these two aspects have to be carefully and sensitively balanced.

At Manor Hill Day Nursery we ensure every child is assigned a Key Worker as soon as they start. Your Key Worker works in partnership with you and takes care to find out all about your child and give them special attention.

Your Key Worker is also responsible for communicating with you and for gathering in-depth information about your child and for maintaining a record of achievement, although this can be shared with other staff and will also contain your views and input.

At Manor Hill Day Nursery we recognise that parents and carers are important partners, from the very start right through to when your child is ready to start school.

Children playing with musical toys. Isolated on white background