Learning & Play


Every child is different, has different needs and abilities, and will develop at their own pace. Because of this – and to ensure your child receives the greatest benefit from their time with us – our nursery has a clearly structured, individual learning plan; at the heart of which is a strong, play-based curriculum. Learning is carefully designed so children can use first-hand experiences to help them understand concepts, gain skills – and have fun!

You may be surprised at how quickly your child develops at nursery – especially in terms of their independ
ence, ability and eagerness to do things by themselves. We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage and have a successful record of children leaving Manor Hill Day Nursery with a passion for learning.

IMG_4248_originalInformation about your child’s progress whilst at nursery is updated regularly in a personal ‘Learning Journey’ including observations, photos and examples of their work.  At parent’s evenings we share their progress and invite you to contribute to the ‘Learning Journey’ to make it a complete story.

We extend children’s natural curiosity through a range of sensory activities and experiences (which can be quite messy… spaghetti swamps and slime are favourites).  We encourage children to explore and test their own limits.  Children are supported to become problem-solvers and young scientists.