Food & Mealtimes


Food is given special attention at Manor Hill Day Nursery so that we provide diverse and enticing menus of healthy and nutritious food. We ensure children understand not only where food comes from, but also the journey taken from the field to their plate. Some children will also have breakfast at nursery, depending on how early they arrive.

During the day, your child will be given a well-balanced selection of food in keeping with their dietary requirements.  No child will be forced to eat anything, but we do encourage them to taste everything on their plate; and each week’s menu is displayed on the parents’ notice board or nursery door, so you can see what delights they have been enjoying!  We partnered with the Children’s Food Trust to develop our menus and follow their National Guidance for Early Years Settings.

childrens food trustWe will also offer your child fresh fruit every day, asking parents to keep sweet treats at home; our chef gives advice and demonstrations on how to cook simple, healthy meals for children.

For us, meals are also important social times. Children sit in small groups and learn proper table manners. They use cutlery, serve themselves from serving dishes and scrape their own plates clean when they have finished. We encourage them to wait patiently before they begin, eat with their mouths closed – and no elbows on the table!

The results are plain to see: pleasant meal times and happy children, both enjoying and contributing to the whole experience.

Note: We also serve halal meat for the children which of family’s that prefer that option, this is in compliance of the halal standard, alternative vegetarian diet is also available for non-meat eaters.

Should you require a copy of the menu, please email the nursery on

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