A Day In The Life of Our Nursery


Our childcare nursery routine is slightly different in each age group, but once your child has settled in the morning and is ready to play, they will have access to a series of both planned and unplanned learning activities throughout the day.

Children are given plenty of opportunities to play with their friends and explore a range of activities. These are set out into key curriculum areas, and designed to help and encourage them to learn naturally whilst having fun. We want to provide children with the best childcare in Solihull.

What your child can look forward to:child care in Solihull

  • Breakfast club on arrival in the morning.
  • Play time (with activities planned according to their interests)
  • Café time (where they serve their own healthy mid-morning refreshments)
  • Outdoor play (Both adult and child led play activities)
  • Circle time (with reading and discussion on a wide range of topics)
  • Language groups (to develop new vocabulary and listening)
  • Lunch
  • Sleep or quiet time
  • Outings (to the local library, museums or the park)
  • Afternoon tea (often prepared and cooked by the children)
  • Activities (both planned and unplanned, such as bug hunts, cooking, science experiments or role play)
  • Clearing away and getting ready for home.