Our Team at Manor Hill Day Nursery

The fabulous Team that is committed to making our nursery great every single day at Manor Hill Day Nursery – Solihull.

Debbie Ratcliffe - Nursery Manager29E6C7E452
Samantha Paul - Deputy Manager943A5A94E5
Fermida - Practitioner369DB664C4
Sara - Practitioner4AD9DC04DA
Kiley - Room Leader74A1FDB4A7
Salma - Practitioner88BBC6F40A
Zafia- Practitioner4E757734D6
Samantha - PractitionerBD42B1442A
Sibohan - Lunch CoverC0DB8EB442
Sham - Lunch Cover12609A94F6
Neelum - Practitioner7887C02470
Natalie - Nursery CookPicture coming soon!