Mission, Values and Principles

Manor_Hill_Page_LogoOur Mission To ensure that every child’s happiness, wellbeing and progress are central to all we do.

  •  To respect and celebrate every child’s uniqueness
  • To encourage every child to achieve their full potential
  • To offer a range of developmentally appropriate activities that nurture and feed the unique interests and abilities of each child.
  • To work in close partnership with parents to assist Manor Hill Day Nursery – in providing high quality care and education specific to the individual needs of their child.
  • To develop and empower a skilled and knowledgeable staff team, developing the strengths of all practitioners to support and extend children’s learning and development through each child’s interests and abilities
  • The founder and educators wish to continually respond to the demanding standards to which they hold themselves. Every decision related to the educational policies of the nursery will be made in collaboration and with highest regard to the mission, vision, and values of Manor Hill Day Nursery

Beliefs and Values

  • We believe that children are born with a natural ability to learn from their surroundings and experiences.
  • We believe that all children have the right to a safe, loving and nurturing environment in which to grow and explore the world.
  • We believe in the collaboration between children, teachers, parents and community.
  • We believe the educator’s job is to support and deepen the innate affinity towards learning.
  • We believe that open and honest communication and dialogue among educators and families is a cornerstone to positive experiences for children.
  • We believe that all individuals are unique in their perspective and have the right to share their ideas in a respectful environment.
  • We believe in a high level of accountability of all to support the nursery environment.
  • We believe that the nursery creates an organic, dynamic and changing culture in which to navigate and grow.
  • We believe that a nursery is connected to a larger community and the nursery has a responsibility to enter into intentional and purposeful exchange with the community.
  • We value each child as a capable individual full of ideas and knowledge.Child Love
  • We value the education of children at every age.
  • We value the reciprocal learning of children and adults.
  • We value time as a necessity for exploration and learning.
  • We value simplicity in form, function, process and policy.
  • We value complexity in thinking processes, research and stages of development.
  • Above all, we value the joy, inquisitiveness and sanctity of childhood.

  Our principles and philosophy

  • The aim of Manor Hill Day Nursery – is to provide a welcoming, stimulating, safe, and happy home-like atmosphere for children.
  • Children should be safe and secure at all times.
  • Staff should be trained/experienced in work with this age group.
  • Each child should have the security and the freedom to develop at his/her own pace.  Children’s abilities should be identified, respected and encouraged in a developmentally appropriate environment.
  • A warm secure relationship must exist between the adult and child, which encourages and enables the child to better use the environment, and through play develop knowledge of themselves and their world.  They will learn to socialise, develop new skills, make decisions, develop emotionally and start to gain some independence.
  • All adults working with children should be actively involved in planning programmes of activity in collaboration with children which promotes children’s physical, personal, social, emotional and intellectual development.
  • As far as possible, programmes for young children should resemble how they should be cared for at home.  Every effort should be made to maintain a happy and relaxed atmosphere for the children, where they are well cared for, where there is an acceptable standard of care and the developmental needs of the children are met including their religious persuasion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background.
  • All children should be treated equally and with respect.  Diversity should be recognised and positively embraced.
  • Parents, families or carers are children’s first educators and role models, partnership with them is vital for children’s development.
  • An agreed code of confidentiality appropriate to the childcare setting must be adhered to when working with children and families, which establishes clear expectations about the sharing of information whenever there are child protection concerns.